Laser Guns

Due to high demand these are only available free, once per term, to clubs that pay the £15.00 affiliation fee and wholly supported by SYA.
If you would like to use them for fund raising events please get in touch to discuss.

Hire cost: 
      *      Free to clubs with £15.00 affiliation who are wholly supported by SYA
    *      £10.00 per night for clubs with basic affiliations who are wholly supported by SYA
    *      To those clubs who are affiliated to SYA and have additional infrastructure (ie Scouts, Guides, Young Farmers and Sports clubs) there will be a £30 a day charge, £15 per evening session.  Should these clubs require youth support staff to attend then there will be a further £20 per hour charge.

    If you would like to make a enquire or make a booking regarding this resource please fill out the form below to get in touch