Disclosure and Barring Service

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) was formed in December 2012, merging the Independent Safeguarding Authority (IAS) and the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). SYA have been a registered umbrella body with the Criminal Records Bureau/Disclosure and Barring Service for over 10 years.

Anyone who works with young people or vulnerable adults is likely to need a DBS check.

Shropshire Youth Association can help you process DBS checks for your staff and your volunteers. We offer a friendly, cost effective and efficient service for our members and any organisation located in Shropshire.
How this works: 
As a registered umbrella body, we can check application forms and documentation to validate information provided by applicants from local organisations. This involves establishing the identity of the applicant, ensuring that the application form is completed correctly and countersigning the form to confirm an applicant's entitlement.

We provide you with DBS application forms for your staff and / or volunteers to complete.  Once these are returned to us we check them and check their documentation to confirm identity and submit them for processing by DBS.



Youth groups affiliated to SYA can access a number of DBS checks for volunteers free of charge as part of the Affiliation package.  

For all other applications our standard administration fee is £15 plus VAT, ie £18

Paid staff:

DBS charges £44 for DBS checks for all paid staff.  Together with our administration fee (see above) this makes a total cost of £62 including VAT for paid staff in non-affiliated groups.  

For paid staff in SYA affiliated groups the charge is £44

An affiliate is a youth group, charity or voluntary organisation that meets the registration requirements of SYA.

Important - All fees are payable in advance.  Applicant organisations will be invoiced on receipt of completed and eligible application forms and associated paperwork. 
Payments can be made by bank transfer (BACS) or by cheque.   

If we have to use an external identification validation service (because the applicant cannot produce any Group 1 document) there is an additional charge of £7.50.  We will send you a supplementary invoice via email.

If you would like further information about using our service or have any DBS queries please contact Claire or Pat at dbs@sya.org.uk, or ring 01743 730005.  Monday is the usual day on which the DBS team is available


DBS Website - www.gov.uk/DBS

Full information on eligibility is available on the DBS website.  Please make sure you have read the latest information and that your application is eligible before submitting this.

The current list of acceptable ID documents applicants must provide is also available on the website.  

The Update Service has now been running for over two years; for information on how to subscribe or renew your subscription please check the website.  
You can subscribe before receiving your disclosure by using your application form reference number, or you have a limited time to subscribe upon receiving your disclosure.