Shiftys Bar - Alcohol Awareness


Alcohol & Drugs awareness project including a portable, alcohol-free bar.

The aims of Shifty's are to:
Provide young people with basic information on alcohol
 Raise awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption
 Reinforce the positive image of sensible drinking

What Can We Do For You?

Shifty's deliver 'Alcohol & Drugs' awareness sessions which can be run at your school, youth club or event.

We provide information-led fun, interactive workshops on alcohol and drugs.

We help your young people explore images, boundaries, preconceptions, prejudices and challenge urban myths surrounding the good and bad things about alcohol and drugs.

The sessions may last from one to two hours - depending on the needs of your group.

We include clear and up-to-date information using fun activities and encourage participation in discussions.

Our sessions utilise a variety of different media's and activities to engage young people.

For bookings, further information or if you have any queries please contact us  at