Shropshire Young Health Champions

Shropshire Young Health Champions are just what they are! Young people who want to help get a health related message across to other people.
We train any interested Shropshire young Person how to become a health champion and support them to either:

Deliver a piece of social action with a health theme identified by themselves, take a look at the film that we recently made, follow the link

Introduce them to adults in the community who would like them to deliver a piece of social action on a health related subject for them.
     Examples of this are g.P practices asking young people to write young person friendly leaflets, or make sure their surgery is a friendly and supportive place for young people.

Young people can become champions on their own or with their friends, just get in touch and will tell you all about it.

Shropshire Young Health Champions projects also qualify as D of E community involvement
2018-12-11 12:13:04